October 3, 2016

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June 25

Surprise, Surprise! GOP Leaders Trying to Help Obama Move Job-Killing FATCA Expansion

No. 9 NOTE: Version of these items were published by Conservative Review on June 16 and Accounting Today on May 13. For another review of the relevant topics, see also “GOP Leaders Pushing Obama's Global Taxation Schemes” The New American (by Alex Newman), June 24. Jim Jatras The following paired analyses detail how some in the Senate Republican leadership are following their usual pattern on trade, immigration, war, and other globalist initiatives destructive of the sovereignty of the ...

May 4

The Two Faces of #NeverTrump: Those Who Know and Those Who Don’t

No. 8 NOTE: A version of this commentary was published by Chronicles magazine. With Trump’s resounding victory in Indiana, the forces denoted by the Twitter hashtag #NeverTrump should fold up shop and accept the voters’ choice. Some of them will. Senator Ted Cruz had the sense to realize that his play to deny Donald J. Trump a first-ballot victory in Cleveland would find even less favorable ground in New Jersey and California. We’ll see how many of the f...

March 6

I Stand with America. I Stand with Trump

Trump declaring loyalty to the GOP. Is loyalty a two-way street?

In part because no one else in American history had ever done so, in September of last year I announced my interest in and availability for my party’s vice presidential nomination. I so informed each GOP presidential candidate by letter and Twitter. ABC News promptly dubbed me “the Man You’ve Never Heard Of Who Desperately Wants to Be Vice President.” (I’d have preferred “diligently” to “desperately,” but why quibble.) I was content to let my offer lie on the table pending the Republican Conv...

March 3

If He Doesn’t Like Trump’s Exclusion of All Muslims, Obama Must Exclude Advocates of Sharia and the Caliphate

The smart and beautiful in both parties have been prostrate with the vapors ever since Donald Trump called for a temporary timeout on admitting all Muslims into the United States until “we can figure out what the hell is going on.” Such a blanket exclusion, his critics claim, not only would be illegal (questionable) but would alienate “moderate” Muslims whose cooperation is essential to combating jihad terrorism (arguable)....

November 28

‘With Us or with the Terrorists’: It’s Clear Which Side Turkey Is On

What happened. Turkey claims the Russian plane crossed into Turkish airspace and failed to respond to repeated warnings. Russia claims it can prove its plane was over Syria the whole time. We will see if one version or the other will be generally accepted or whether a contentious muddle will continue indefinitely (cf. MH-17). However, even if the Turkish version prevails, the Russian plane at most would have been over Turkey for a well under a minute and presented no threat to anything or an...

October 29

Let Them Be Red While We Take Back Reagan's Blue

There has been understandable chortling among Republicans that at the Democrats first debate they finally came clean on the “s-word.” Long considered almost taboo in American politics, the term socialism can now be considered mainstream in the party of (for now, anyway) Jefferson, Jackson, and FDR. Snarkiness aside, it's about time. Whether some of us conservatives like it or not, approximately half of our fellow citizens are attracted to ideas tilting to portside. In that sense, the Democrat...

October 23

The Benghazi Hearing: What Neither Hillary nor the Republicans Want to Talk About

As I write this, Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the House panel investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks that killed four Americans is still going on. I wasn’t able to listen to all of it live, and will plow through the transcript in due course. Two things already are notable: one concerning the impact of the hearing itself – plus another aspect marked only by the sound of crickets chirping....

October 14

It’s Time for a Protestant On the Supreme Court

From the founding of the Republic until 1836, every Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court was not only male but a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). That changed with the first Roman Catholic elevated to the Court, Roger B. Taney of Dred Scott infamy. Two other Catholics were appointed in the 1890s. The idea took hold of an informal representative “Catholic seat” on the Court....

October 12

It’s the Cloture, Stupid! Bring Back the Filibuster to Restore ‘Power of the Purse’

The chaos surrounding selection of a replacement for House Speaker John Boehner is a symptom of the ongoing civil war tearing the GOP apart. On the one side, we have Tea Partiers and other conservatives who want Republicans to play hardball with the Obama administration and use Congress’s “power of the purse” to defund Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, amnesty via Executive Order, and other outrages. On the other, there is the establishment (of which Boehner is a symbol), who advise caution – ...